It’s no secret that the South is home to incredible food, full of flavor and soul. But in Jackson, our flavors go beyond that of traditional Southern comfort food. As a melting pot of unique cultures, Jackson is home to many local restaurants that infuse international flair into their dishes. From fresh Greek and flavorful Lebanese to a downtown spot serving up Caribbean and an arts district French patisserie owned by Argentinian ex-pats (beat that one!), our city’s flavors reflect the city itself… unique, diverse, welcoming, and full of soul.

For more information about the creative culinary ecosystem of Jackson – and some great recommendations – visit the Sipp’ Jackson blog. Also check out the new web series, Chefs with Soul, premiering soon at JXN.ms.

A throwback to a simpler time. Brent’s Drugs located in the funky Fondren neighborhood has all the look and feel of a 1950’s pharmacy and soda fountain. Today historic Brent’s Drugs is still serving up frosty milkshakes and great all-American fare. And true to it’s heritage, there’s a speakeasy in the back called “The Apothecary.” But keep that on the down low so they don’t get a surprise visit from any coppers.



Pouring at drink, the old-fashioned way at The Apothecary, hidden behind a nondescript curtain in the back of Brent’s Drugs. Shhhhh…..


Get whisked away to the Emerald Isle, at least for a bit. Fenians Irish Pub in Jackson’s historic Belhaven neighborhood has been a staple for decades, serving pints of Guinness and Shepards Pie, the locale is a favorite celebration spot following Jackson’s famous St. Paddy’s Day Parade.



Green and Lebanese food have a long history in Jackson, with some of the city’s most established restauranteur-ing families hailing originally from the East Mediterranean. Keifers, located in the historic Belhaven neighborhood, has been serving their staple Gyros for decades.

The famous Pig Ear Sandwich originated from Jackson’s Farish Street community in the city’s downtown area. Known as the location of Jackson’s “Harlem Renaissance”, the Big Apple Inn is actually in the same building that held the field office of Civil Rights icon Medgar Evers.

Founded by a pair of Argentinian ex-pat sisters,  La Brioche has quickly become one of Jackson’s go-to bakeries for the full on experience of real French-style pastries and baked goods.

If you’re feeling a bit tropical, look for the low-level, elongated white aluminum building in the middle of downtown Jackson. Run by Jamaican nationals, Taste of the Caribbean is about as authentic “jerk” as you can get. You cannot leave town without trying the Jerk Ribs. But fair warning…they’re a bit warm.

Jackson has a strong culture of independent coffee houses dotted across the city. Cups – established in funky Fondren neighborhood – has spread other locations across the metro area.


Photo Credit: Tate Nations/MWB