Chefs With Soul, Episode 1:

From Big Apples to Zoot Suits

Geno Lee of the Big Apple Inn and Pam Junior from the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum join host Jeff Good for lively conversation and a great meal in this premiere episode of Chefs With Soul. Put on your zoot suit and get ready to head to Jackson’s historic Farish Street for smokes and ears, tamales and toasts, craft beer and cool cocktails, and much, much more.

Chefs With Soul Side Stories

A few more stories we couldn’t fit in this fully stuffed episode:
How To Roll The Perfect TamaleAfternoons At The Alamo, and Do’s & Don’ts Of A Tamale.

Calling All Foodies!

Host Jeff Good gets things cooking with chef and baker Mitchell Moore and blogger extraordinaire Carlyn Hicks.

Lights, Creativity, Action!

Jeff Good shares in good conversation and great food with Chef Nick Wallace of Creativity Kitchen and Anik Kurkjian from the Mississippi Light Collaborative.

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