This city, our city, is a thing of beauty. Of history. Of symphony and energy. Of sweet, salty, cool…of blues nights and satisfied appetites. At once radical and transformational, this is our city.

This is your city. The city with soul. 

Join the My City movement. Show your JXN pride, with JXN swag. Let everyone know that your city is the City with Soul. 

A portion of profits from sales of “My City” JXN shirts and jerseys goes to support Spark-o-Matic, a non-profit digital media skills education program focused on underserved youth in Jackson. 

Click on the shows below to get a taste of the unique energy and flavor of Mississippi’s capital city. There’s a good chance you’ll be enticed to come be soulful in Jackson.

The City With Soul Series

An up-close look at the one-of-a-kind people, places, and events that make up Jackson.

Chefs With Soul

The Show where music and food, cooking and conversation come together like the perfect roux.

Jackson: Soul of the City

Get read for a cool mix of live music, comedy, and artistry like you’ve never seen.

“My City” lifts the veil on the culture, diversity, and FUN that is every day in Jackson, Mississippi.